Weddings and personal events

Weddings and personal events

At Vila Podvin, we organize weddings and other personal celebrations in all seasons. In autumn and winter, we can host weddings or events for up to 80 people, while in summer, you can invite up to 400 guests to the magical garden under the magnificent trees.

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In addition to weddings, we also organize other personal events and celebrations.

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Vila Podvin's lush green garden is the perfect location for both smaller and bigger weddings, where you can enjoy under the canopy of centuries-old trees. We can also arrange everything you need for a civil wedding ceremony. The natural backdrop will provide beautiful photographs, and the nearby Podvin Castle offers endless possibilities for creative wedding photoshoots.

For the perfect relaxation of your guests, we can also arrange accommodation and transportation.

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Cuisine for special occasions

Turn every tasting into a luxurious indulgence

Let your event be marked by our culinary excellence, which was also acknowledged by Michelin inspectors. Our chefs will provide a unique fusion of traditional and modern, ensuring that every bite is an experience and every taste is a treat.


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